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Working To Improve Vietnam’s Tourism
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 Working To Improve Vietnam’s Tourism

The Vietnam travel industry and tourist-based companies have been expressing concern with the recent decline in the country’s tourist numbers. Since 2014, each month has seen tourism on a steady decline, especially compared to the country’s numbers in recent years. With the beginning of 2015 seeing a similar trend, MinMax Travel has been asking not only “why” but also what we can do to help.

Industry experts largely attribute the decline in numbers to the recent events in the East Sea with China (greatly reducing Chinese tourist numbers) as well as issues with Russia’s current economy- bringing down the annual numbers of Russian tourists. Both Chinese and Russian tourists have a large effect on Vietnam’s tourist industry with cruise ships coming in from China and direct flights operating directly from Russia to Vietnam.

In addition to these rather large international issues, foreigners also believe the problems tourists face in Vietnam (including the visa on arrival issue) play a large role with visitors coming to the country. While MinMax Travel can do little to appease the Chinese and Russian issues, we are doing our part to improve tourism in other aspects.

-By offering trustworthy, reliable visa services, we can help our clients and all foreign visitors to obtain visas on arrival with little trouble and no “strange” extra fees and charges.

-MinMax offers unique, sustainable tours to some of the best regions of the country. MinMax works with green-smart businesses that work to reduce their waste; we never send our clients to a destination before checking in on its status! -In working with companies such as Hanoi Airport Taxi, we reduce the chances of our clients being “scammed” or “ripped off” by dishonest companies.

-Employing only the best local guides, we ensure that our guests are fully taken care of in all situations and never feel uncomfortable by pushy or intrusive hawkers.

-We provide or guests 100% customer support before, during and even after their trips with MinMax… you won’t be alone at any aspect of your visit to Vietnam!

We believe Vietnam is one of the world’s most beautiful, exciting and interesting countries to visit. Our tours and services are set up to not only accent these wonderful aspect of our country, but also to promote a positive worldview of Vietnam. Tourist numbers may be down, but MinMax Travel is doing its part to ensure that everyone visiting Vietnam is having a memorable and trouble free visit from start to finish!

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